Windchill for Service Information

Up-to-Date Service Information through Streamlined Change Management.

Windchill Service Information Manager

Windchill Service Information Manager enables manufacturers to organize and manage service content in the context of product structures (“as-supported” view) and facilitates content reuse across product families. Service information structures enabled by change and configuration management processes ensure the accuracy and relevance of the data delivered to the service organization.

Windchill for Service Information

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain up-to-date service information: Identify and manage product changes to improve data accuracy and keep service information up-to-date throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Enhance service information applicability: Define applicability rules so the most relevant service information is available for every product configuration and operating condition.

  • Increase author productivity: Centralize management of all service information and organize information in a logical, product-centric manner to facilitate reuse.

  • Streamlined Service Bill-of-Materials.

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