Parts and Assembly Modeling

3D Parts and Assembly Modeling

3D parts and assembly modeling is the CAD technique through which the design intent of a part or assembly is accurately and unambiguously described by a 3D virtual model, an almost tangible representation of physical reality.

Before computer-aided design (CAD) software, highly trained mechanical drafters produced a series of two dimensional drawings to represent the whole of a part or complex product. Users then had the thankless and very difficult task of trying to envision how numerous flat images would come together as objects in the round. Not surprisingly, errors were often discovered only at the prototype stage. Given the difficulty inherent to this process, it’s not hard to appreciate how product development could become more about managing unpleasant surprises and less about creating great products.

Traditional two dimensional drawings do have their uses. But being able to build a virtual working model – and then pull it apart on the screen for a closer look – makes product design faster, cheaper, and easier. In essence, the software allows you to imagine and create things, amplifying your ideas and clearing the way to better design and genuine innovation.

With Creo Parametric, you can create precise geometry regardless of a model’s complexity. We welcome your aircraft assembly with its hundreds of thousands of parts. Our intuitive user interface means you’ll be up to speed quickly, perhaps reviewing each component’s exact features from various views. We’ve also included real-time collision and interference capabilities so you can correct design problems early on. You’ll find it’s stress-free to build engineering features such as rounds, chamfers, holes, and more. Or take a bigger view. Work with fast-loading lightweight versions of your assembly or create simplified variants on-the-fly. Add color, texture and reflection as you wish.

What you’ll design is up to you.

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