Parametric and Freestyle Surfacing

Looks are everything in automotive and industrial design. Beauty sells, and it’s the designer’s job to create timeless elegance, radical chic, or other visual qualities that help buyers connect to the product on an emotional, almost irrational, level. Technically speaking, surfacing is about creating the product’s look by defining its shape and any surface that can be seen or touched.PTC Creo ISDX-Surface Edit

Giving your model the surface stylings you’ve envisioned needn’t be hard labor. With Creo Parametric, you’ll find it’s straightforward to develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, offsets, and other specialized features; to trim and extend surfaces; and to perform surface operations such as copy, merge, extend, and transform. You can also inspect, validate and verify the quality of what you’ve created.

You also have access to freeform modeling and surface creation using the Freestyle modeling capabilities inside PTC Creo Parametric. Using Freestyle is much like modeling with clay.  Just as you’d pick up a piece of clay and start shaping something, with Freestyle you begin with a primitive shape and use the 3D dragger to push and pull. It’s simple. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a patch structure or acquire expert CAD skills. Freestyle automatically creates curvature continuous manufacturable surfaces for you.

When you need extended capabilities, Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX), an extension to Creo Parametric, has them. Creo ISDX, a highly intuitive tool, gives you even greater control over tangency and curvature so you can produce beautiful, production-ready surfaces that compel customer attention.

The Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension Datasheet

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