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If you've ever searched your kitchen for a favorite utensil or take-out menu, you know firsthand the time and effort that can be expended to find exactly what you need. Now consider your design process. How much time and money are you wasting creating standard components and then placing and assembling them? You should be focused on designing great products, not obsessing about fasteners. 

The hardware library in Creo Parametric speeds up your workflow. Skip the chore and time-sink of modeling off-the-shelf hardware. Just piPTC Creo Parametric - Fastener Libraryck the correct screw, bolt, nut, or washer from the library with its comprehensive catalogs (ANSI, DIN, and JIS). The software automatically creates appropriately-sized holes and assembles the components, leaving you free to focus on your design. 

When you need extended fastener capabilities, Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) has them.

Creo IFX gives you access to a larger, richer fastener library (including dowels) that is also fully customizable. Take advantage of the library’s extensive holdings while adding your own project-specific and company-standard hardware. Everything is in one easily accessible place. 

Now that you have what you need, the software makes your workflow even more efficient. You have more placement options, the design validation tools to ensure fasteners are the correct length, and the ability to assemble fasteners without generating assembly references. Much of this is automatic, and all of it is easy to use. With Creo IFX, you can look forward to increased productivity, lower costs, and significant time savings. We hope you’ll find it riveting.

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