Design Reuse and Automation

Gives You The Ability to Re-Use Designs

Design Reuse and Automation Figure 2Not all parts are totally new designs, and your product development process shouldn’t treat them as if they were. When you’re faced with designing many parts that differ from one another only a little bit, you want to use Family tables. Family tables are a collection of parts or assemblies which are similar, but deviate slightly in some aspect, such as size or included features.

Design Reuse and Automation SocketsSay you’re asked to make a collection of socket wrenches. Instead of modeling the same generic over and over – and possibly introducing mistakes – you create a single generic socket wrench in Creo Parametric, and then use a Family table to create variants automatically according to rules you specify. It’s quick and easy. 

You can also save the table so others can refer it – without having to hunt for parts, recreate the table, or mire themselves in repetitive tedious work. Such design reuse cuts cycle time and costs while moving your product ever-closer to market. This is one case where you really don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

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