Concurrent Engineering

Improve the Productivity of Teams Who Work Together

Concurrent engineering is a product design strategy in which the different engineering stages run at the same time rather than consecutively.  Deploying such a strategy quickens product development, gets products to market faster, and cuts costs.

But that can be hard to remember on days your team's engineering is more chaotic than concurrent.  Face it: despite all the talent you've got on the project, productivity is not what it should be. 


	PTC Creo AAX Top Down 

But top-down design tools enable you, the lead designer, to plan out the assembly’s skeleton so that everyone has a common basis from which to work. You can also ensure that critical design information is incorporated into individual subassemblies. Designers then can work in parallel – without fear of overwriting one another’s files. And when you change the primary design intent, the individual subassemblies will adapt.

PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX), an extension to Creo Parametric, helps the entire team realize the benefits of concurrent engineering: productivity. 

Download the Creo Advanced Assembly Extension Datasheet

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