Industrial Augmented Reality for Manufacturing Use industrial AR to improve workforce productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction with real-time, step-by-step work instructions.

AR for Manufacturing: Training, Guidance and Knowledge Transfer

Manufacturers are experiencing a growing skills deficit; by 2020, 25% of the American workforce will be approaching retirement. Meanwhile, products are becoming increasingly complex to assemble, operate and service. Industrial AR offers easy-to-deploy solutions that are closing the expertise gap.

ABI Research has identified two key industrial training scenarios well-suited for AR, and details three benefit areas that can maximize impact. Both the white paper report and webcast replay provide valuable insights.

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BAE: Manufacturing Innovation w/ Mixed Reality

See how BAE easily created immersive training and guidance experiences with Vuforia Studio and Microsoft HoloLens—in hours and at a tenth of the cost.

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Vuforia Studio: Quickly build scalable AR experiences

Vuforia Studio enables efficient, cost-effective authoring of industrial AR without the need for in-depth programming.

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Vuforia Engine: Flexible AR Development

Vuforia Engine provides robust, cross-platform software that enables branded AR experiences for both new and existing apps that can be deployed in leading app stores.

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Vuforia Chalk: AR Remote Assistance

Vuforia Chalk is a powerful remote guidance and collaboration app—helping experts and technicians solve problems more effectively.

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AR for Manufacturing is Here; Get Started

From evaluating potential manufacturing AR solutions, to product trials and pricing details, our AR experts can help you take the next step in your journey.