BOSTON, Mass. – June 19, 2018 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced from the sold-out LiveWorx® 18 digital transformation conference that Elysium, a global software company at the forefront of 3D geometry handling and data translation, has released a Drawing Validator App for the ThingWorx® Navigate™ Platform that enables increased efficiency in the product design process by making it possible for key stakeholders to compare and detect significant differences between 2D drawings in an easy-to-read format.

Headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, Elysium has been providing industry leading 3D interoperability and point cloud solutions throughout the world to industry leaders that include Boeing, Daimler, Renault Sport Formula One™ Team, Toyota, and more than 3,500 other companies.

With the Drawing Validator App for ThingWorx, PTC and Elysium customers will be enabled to improve the product design process by detecting differences that traditional validator tools miss. These tools can be used by stakeholders throughout the organization, including suppliers, to manually compare differences between multiple versions of a drawing. Changes that are not identified often result in costly rework, while the manual process slows down productivity. The Drawing Validator App can provide an accurate and complete comparison of 2D drawings based on graphic and semantic information extracted using APIs from the Creo® solution. It provides a list of all significant differences, thus increasing the efficiency of the 2D drawing check process and reducing lead time. This, in turn, enables increased productivity, reduced rework, and faster time-to-market.

“As a data translation company, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge of how to access various data from Creo,” said Atsuto Soma, CTO, Elysium. “Leveraging that insight, we collaborated with PTC to use ThingWorx Navigate to develop a new drawing validation tool that allows for accurate and reliable difference detection.”

ThingWorx Navigate improves collaboration by offering a single view to multiple enterprise systems, enabling both expert and non-expert (or occasional) users to access the latest, most accurate product information when they need it and in the context most related to their day-to-day responsibilities.

“The Drawing Validator app for ThingWorx Navigate enables customers to compare 2D drawings and quickly and easily identify differences between drawings to enable an accelerated product design and validation process,” said Kevin Wrenn, divisional general manager, PLM Segment, PTC. “Elysium’s app joins a growing library of PTC partner-created ThingWorx Navigate applications. These apps take the out-of-the-box capabilities of ThingWorx Navigate and add features and functions that PTC partners are seeing first-hand are needed in the marketplace.”

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