BOSTON – May 24, 2017 – PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) showcased this week at LiveWorx®17 the capabilities of its Creo® Product Insight solution. Integrated with the ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Creo Product Insight brings a new dimension to the design process – the connection of real-world IoT data. With Creo Product Insight, designers can better understand how products are used and how they behave, and proactively design products with custom data streams by integrating sensors into the design process.

During LiveWorx17, thousands of attendees were introduced to Creo Product Insight and viewed demonstrations that highlighted how Creo and ThingWorx work together to provide designers access to new levels of product and service information. This information helps drive better design decisions and supports their needs to build smart, connected products.

“In our industry, it is critical to get things done faster, and solutions like Creo Product Insight provide us with the tools to quickly bring to market new and exciting concepts in the world of Motorsport racing,” said Tamir Plachinsky, CEO, Griiip. “We see huge value in the ability of Creo Product Insight to give our engineers real data from the track to enhance our design process.”

Creo Product Insight allows engineers to replace assumptions in the design process with facts, bringing real-world usage data back into engineering and connecting it with the original CAD model - its digital twin. Creo Product Insight also helps designers optimize their product sensor strategy and provide the secure, custom data streams needed by integrating sensors into the design process.

With Creo Product Insight, designers can gain these important benefits:

  • Analyze and apply multiple streams of performance data from instrumented prototypes and test equipment more efficiently
  • Improve current and next-generation product quality, performance, and durability by enabling a new dimension of IoT data-driven design based on data gathered from assets in the field
  • Optimize sensor placement and usage to capture critical data and reduce cost by accurately capturing data to support downstream processes
  • Leverage product insight as a service to create more business opportunities

“PTC brings the power of the IoT and augmented reality (AR) to its CAD and PLM portfolio, actually supercharging the design process,” said Paul Sagar, vice president of CAD product management, PTC. “Creo Product Insight enables designers to capture and connect real world performance data with the original CAD model, thus allowing them to proactively design smart, connected products.”

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