Model-Based Systems Engineering Solution

As products and product lines grow in complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to create and communicate design ideas that can be easily understood and agreed on by all stakeholders. That's why manufacturing leaders are increasingly adopting model-based systems engineering techniques that unify all stakeholders through a common, visual language and structured engineering approach.

Offered in a convenient subscription package, the PTC Model-Based Systems Engineering solution captures and communicates systems design through standards-based models of components, products, product lines and systems of systems. The result is early, rapid, concurrent exploration of options, improved cross-discipline collaboration, high rates of re-use, and accelerated time-to-market.

The solution includes all the capabilities you need to bring focus and rigor to your systems engineering program, including model-based systems engineering, model validation, product line engineering, an asset library for modular, systems of systems design, and model simulation to validate design ideas earlier in the product lifecycle. Built on a multi-user database for live collaboration, this industry-leading MBSE platform is capable of modeling software, systems, and product lines in a single toolset.

PTC Model-Based Systems Engineering helps organizations:

  • Design before you build

    • Model-based systems engineering with SysML

    • Scalable, multi-user modeling for extended collaboration

    • Fully associative modeling between all system elements

  • Validate complex behavior earlier in the design lifecycle

    • Simulate SysML model with drag and play simulation

    • Record simulation results for analysis

    • Connect to MATLAB Simulink and other third-party simulators

  • Specify, publish and reuse your organizations' systems, hardware and software assets

    • Standards-based OMG Reusable Asset specification

    • Drag-and-drop publish and reuse

    • Multi-user web architecture

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