Systems Integration in Retail

Integrate Your Enterprise Business Systems with Speed and Efficiency

Your customers demand the hottest styles and the latest trends from social media, runways and magazines, and they want constant access to innovative and personalized products. With supply chains growing increasingly global and complex, it can be hard to keep pace in this ultra-competitive space. To succeed, you need to invest in the latest technologies in addition to your existing IT infrastructure, and with a wealth of different business systems available in today’s digital world, you need well integrated systems that deliver results and maximize returns, quickly.

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Customization: A Thing of the Past

System integrations are primarily delivered through customizations, which can often lead to higher implementation costs, increase the risk of not meeting project timelines, and in some cases, result in costly upgrades. With PTC’s ThingWorx® Retail Connector, PLM solutions and other business systems can now be integrated across the extended enterprise with speed and agility - helping you to avoid expensive customization projects.

Reduce Implementation Costs. Decrease Upgrade Costs. Minimize Project Risk.

The ThingWorx Retail Connector is an Internet of Things (IoT) powered solution that leverages IoT capabilities to connect to your global business systems and tap into those systems to view the data models. It has the ability to map the data object, elements and attributes from one business system to another (e.g. PLM > ERP) and supports the triggering of data exchange per the defined mapping model. The solution also logs all transactional activity for reporting purposes.

Thingworx Retail Connector

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