Retail Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics help retailers connect and visualize data to guide their business decisions with actionable insight.

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Get the information you need with retail predictive analytics

From reducing time-to-market to improving supply chain visibility and managing product performance, retail product developers face plenty of challenges. With multiple KPIs spread across different systems, retailers need a fast, easy way to connect and visualize data to achieve actionable insights and make better decisions.

ThingWorx IoT-enabled predictive analytics help retailers get the information they really need with a live, direct feed of information from any data source.


ThingWorx Retail Predictive Analytics takes your FlexPLM experience to the next level. Get answers fast with a single version of the truth and react to trends and supply chain complexities with agility and focus. Deliver the right product in the right place at the right time.


Let predictive analytics and machine learning do the heavy lifting

ThingWorx Retail Predictive Analytics dashboards offer a fast, easy way to connect and visualize data across your systems - providing your people with the actionable insight needed to accelerate decision making.

This gives you the ability to direct more business to top suppliers, review and predict KPs, optimize sourcing against KPIs, and better manage vendor capacity.

Complete IoT platform capabilities

  • Connect any data source from remote devices to enterprise systems.
  • Track product development progress and evaluate suppliers in real-time.
  • Improve future performance and results with automated prescriptions and simulations.


Experience It Yourself

Experience how PTC’s retail analytics dashboards empower brands and retailers to access actionable information most important to their specific business needs and challenges.

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