Material Exchange Searching for The Right Material Just Got Easier

Searching for The Right Material Just Got Easier

Digitally Connecting Brands and Material Suppliers

Each day your designers, product developers, and material teams make critical business decisions: Which type of material and which supplier to use? Which material will be high quality yet cost-effective?

Unfortunately, information needed to make these decisions is trapped in physical material swatch books, which are often out of date and contain inadequate data. Searching through dozens of books to find the appropriate materials, in addition to tracking down specs from suppliers, leads to inflated development costs and lengthy cycle times.

Built hand-in-hand with the world’s leading brands and suppliers, Material Exchange is an advanced filtering and material visualization platform that allows material suppliers to upload material pictures and specs into one system, enabling brand designers, material teams and product developers to search by filter and organize raw materials for their collections all within a secure digital environment.

Material Exchange enables users to find on-trend materials in seconds with up-to-the-minute data and images rather than sifting through multiple outdated physical swatch books. Communication and decision making internally and with suppliers is also significantly improved. By working digitally, brands can now trim days and weeks off development cycles by knowing what suppliers have in stock in real-time. The platform enables users to pull material specs and pictures directly into 3D design solutions, reducing the need for costly physical material samples and swatches.

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Digitally Connecting Brands and Material Suppliers

Leveraging Material Exchange as a standardized industry solution rather than each company working on its own platform will increase efficiencies in the supply chain. In addition to that, with the adoption of 3D design as a more mainstream creation tool, there’s an increasing demand for a better solution to store and organize digital material assets. This is where I see great potential for Material Exchange to becoming an integral part of any apparel and footwear business.

– John Graebin, Senior Director of Materials, Deckers Brands

The Material Exchange is going to be a powerful platform where we can share our material image, information and technology to all the customers. Material Exchange is not only going to save time and cost, it is also about speed and accuracy. It can become our database for material development or to collect different customer data to learn industry trends. We believe Material Exchange is going to be the future sustainable tool for material sourcing and data exchanges.

– Joseph Lin, General Manager, Tiong Liong Corp

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