Retail is accelerating. Designers need to create products on-trend, on-time, and on-cost. A digital storyboard tool makes this possible while keeping customers eager for whats next

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Digital storyboard software - for retail visionaries.

For modern retail leaders, it’s tougher than ever to cultivate the open, organic creative exploration that fuels winning designs. Welcome to FlexPLM Canvas. PTC, the leader in PLM for retail, has developed this visually stunning digital storyboard to help team members across town – or across the globe – brainstorm, rapidly iterate, and accurately define their next big idea, as if together in the same room.


Canvas’ reach extends beyond the enterprise. The digital storyboard tool allows you to easily capture inspirations, concepts, trends, requirements, and feedback.



Transform your business - and your brand.

Extending the power of FlexPLM Canvas is its tight integration with your broader PLM systems, so design intent, materials implications and manufacturing requirements are communicated up and down your entire supply chain, from the start. When you deploy FlexPLM Canvas, you’ll do more than build your brand – you’ll secure your competitive advantage.


Capture trends, ideas and inspiration in a digital environment.

Create digital storyboards using images and video, text, documents (PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and color swatches. Infuse trends by viewing and importing trending imagery from popular social media platforms.

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Experience how FlexPLM Canvas can transform your product design and development processes in today's fast-moving and ultra-competitive retail industry.

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