Retail PLM Software Capabilities

Comprehensive Retail PLM Capabilities

PTC’s market-leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for retail, footwear & apparel is called PTC FlexPLM. This Next Generation (NextGen) solution enables companies to quickly implement industry best practices developed with market leading retailers and brand owners and achieve rapid time-to-value with pre-configured, out-of-the-box software. With the industry’s most-proven, comprehensive set of capabilities you can manage your company’s complete assortment of products and bring more innovative and profitable products to market, faster. In addition, we continue to build out the platform by driving significant innovations to enable new ways of working in the connected, digital world. The most exciting news is that we are also leveraging several ground-breaking Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to enable a visionary Connected Store/Connected Product/Connected Supply Chain platform that will revolutionize the way that retailers and brand owners will be able to connect with customers around your brand, products and store experience. This platform is built upon the PTC FlexPLM foundation, meaning that the vast repository of product data will be readily available to inform these new connected ways of doing business.

Merchandising and Line Planning

With PTC, you can plan, communicate and manage product assortments to ensure the right mix and achieve targets. Additionally, collaborative line review and line confirmation enables you to compare up-to-date product development data, such as design aesthetics, suppliers and cost estimates, against merchandise assortment plans in real time.

Material, Color and Artwork Development

retail plm softwarePTC enables you to define a classified material library to manage material specifications and standards, as well as to define color standards for color definition and direction. By identifying, developing, and managing materials, colors and artwork for product design and development you can improve selection decisions and achieve greater material and color consistency with internal and external partners.

Concept Development and Creative Design

retail plm software

Define the seasonal direction of your products and materials based on trend and competitive analysis. Design and manage product concepts and ensure product requirements and cost targets are met. With PTC, companies can easily manage complex product lines and enable product developers to more efficiently develop and re-use designs, materials and product specification data to reduce cost and time-to-market.

SKU and Specification Management

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Create different types of product specifications to meet the unique requirements of your various product types with PTC. For a given product, manage its BOMs, image pages / sketches, and documents across all of its variants. By analyzing bottlenecks and supplier history, you can reduce sample cycle time and improve suppliers selection.


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PTC enables you to plan, negotiate and confirm the global sourcing of products and materials from a supplier network in order to optimize total cost, quality, delivery and flexibility. Additionally, you can create flexible, detailed Cost Sheets for products to capture numerous cost factors and manage costs via multi-level costing by color, size, region and distribution channel.

Quality and Compliance

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Manage testing for products and materials, and build quality and compliance into the earliest phases of product design and development. Alerts and reporting allow companies to be proactive about quality issues. The result: better performing products without sacrificing margin.

Vendor Portal

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PTC’s vendor portal enables you and your supply chain partners to collaborate directly on product development data. With the ability to request quotes, confirm orders and provide supplier access for material and product development, you can bring products to market faster and reduce development costs.


retail plm software

Instantly access PTC Retail PLM solutions directly from your iPad or iPhone. Regardless of whether you’re meeting at headquarters, a supplier’s facility, or traveling the world, PTC Windchill Mobile gives you up-to-date visibility on product and process information - anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise Performance, Security and Scalability

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PTC delivers a highly scalable and secure PLM infrastructure that is designed to adapt as your business changes. It provides robust data security and access control. The solutions are designed to deliver high availability and include advanced monitoring and optimization tools to ensure high performance for your global team’s needs.

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PTC Value-Ready Deployments

The PTC Retail PLM solution optionally offers industry-specific best practices and pre-defined process driven services to enable organizations to quickly implement the solution in four months.

Connected Consumer, Product, Store and Supply Chain

PTC Retail is leveraging cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enable new ways of working in the digital world. We are delivering a smart, connected platform that will enable retailers and brand owners to transform the consumer experience, including in-store, and integrate consumer insights into product design. The platform also provides real-time visibility to production status in order to lower supply chain risks (e.g. delivery misses), as well as to design smart wearables and connect with consumers to improve product performance.