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Retail Transformation Journey

Maximize your competitiveness and ability to quickly sense and respond to market trends and supply chain opportunities.
Informed Planning
Review Historical Sales Data When Planning Future Assortments

Analyze your data to make better planning, design, and sourcing decisions

As a retailer, knowing when and what styles should be carried over, replaced, refreshed or even dropped is key to staying competitive in today’s fast-fashion world and fast-paced retail industry.

To ensure the right products are delivered to market, merchandisers, designers, developers and management leverage the integration capabilities of PTC’s FlexPLM solution which retrieves and displays sales history from common ERP and POS systems during the crucial planning process. Other capabilities include:

  • Access to deeper insights and data from multiple systems to ensure you develop the most relevant assortment
  • Compare up-to-date product development data, such as design aesthetics, suppliers and cost estimates, against merchandise assortment plans in real time

    Having the right solution to aggregate, digest, and offer valuable insights is key to realizing value from data and achieving higher margins. Our solution, ThingWorx, is the platform behind the ability to retrieve critical sales history to support line planning within FlexPLM. It utilizes the powerful integration and analytics capabilities specifically created for managing big data in the world of connected retail.