PTC and Lands’ End Celebrate 15 Years of Successful Collaboration and Digital Transformation

Written By: Blake Simms
  • 7/22/2021
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Leading multi-channel international retailer, Lands’ End, and PTC, supplier of retail’s most widely used PLM platform, FlexPLM®, have reached a major milestone: 15 years of collaboration, resulting in one of the world’s broadest and deepest implementations of Retail PLM.

PTC is proud to announce that the iconic multi-channel retailer of casual clothing, accessories, footwear and home products, Lands’ End, has trusted its FlexPLM solution, and its team of retail technology experts, as the bedrock for its digital transformation for 15 years. This marks one of the retail industry’s longest and most productive PLM collaborations, and today Lands’ End continues to make FlexPLM the center of its strategic vision for the future.

Lands’ End originally selected PTC FlexPLM following a rigorous selection process in 2005, with the goal of using the platform to centralize the brand’s critical product data, communicate with and coordinate its supply chain, and bring new products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since that time, FlexPLM has accompanied Lands’ End throughout numerous cycles of process innovation and has become the primary system of record for every product category the legendary brand sells. Today, Lands’ End has hundreds of FlexPLM users internally and across its supply chain.

“The retail industry moves quickly, and technology marches on even quicker, so relationships as long and fruitful as the one between PTC and Lands’ End are remarkable,” says Bill Brewster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit. “We consider it a badge of honor to have played a key strategic role throughout 15 years of Lands’ End’s digital transformation, and PTC Retail is especially proud to have supported such a world-class brand through the sweeping changes the retail market, and the outer world, has undergone in that time.”

Lands’ End and PTC also enjoy a unique relationship beyond PLM, with Lands’ End supplying the apparel and merchandise for PTC’s official online store – from baseball caps to polo shirts and gilets – making the two companies’ mutual customers, as well as long-time collaborators.

“Great quality, uncompromising service, and exceptional value are the key pillars of Lands’ End’s company ethos, and maintaining those high standard means taking advantage of the best technology available to us,” adds Chieh Tsai, Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer. “Ever since we first implemented FlexPLM, and throughout our ongoing engagement with PTC’s roster of retail technology experts, we have found PTC to be the right technology partner. Our 15-year relationship has delivered significant benefits for Lands’ End across all the product types we produce, and every channel we address from physical stores to catalogs to eCommerce.”

Far from being considered complete, Lands' End and PTC are constantly working to further expand FlexPLM functionality to complement continuous improvement initiatives.


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