Stellantis Creates AR App to Educate Customers on Their New Vehicle

Written by: Alyanna Ilyadis

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Guided by a clear vision to offer freedom of movement, Stellantis pioneered an intuitive, convenient way for customers to learn about new vehicle features.

Using innovative technology to engage and educate

For technology leaders, nothing is more gratifying than delivering innovative products to excited customers. On the flip side, we’ve all been there as consumers: eagerly awaiting a new purchase, excited to explore all the bells and whistles—but dreading the learning curve and the 200-page paper manual. How do companies ensure that they’re leveraging their technological expertise, not just to build innovative products, but also to inform and educate customers with convenience and simplicity—and without the stack of paper?

Stellantis leverages Vuforia Engine to build an AR-powered user manual

Committed to innovation and recognizing the market need for intuitive, tech-friendly consumer information, leading automaker Stellantis recently developed an AR-powered app to help customers learn about new vehicle features with simplicity and speed—and without a cumbersome paper manual.

Designed for the Ram 1500 TRX, the augmented reality (AR) app—called Know & Go—launched in February 2021. Know & Go was developed using PTC’s Vuforia Engine, a highly flexible and robust solution for creating branded AR experiences.

Advanced model target capabilities create an intuitive user experience

Powered by Vuforia Engine, the Know & Go app creates an intuitive, immersive discovery experience for vehicle owners. The user simply downloads the free app onto their mobile device and points the device at a general area inside or outside the vehicle. Vuforia Engine model targets leverage AI to recognize and lock onto the vehicle and display interactive buttons associated with specific features on the vehicle, completely in context. Users can approach the vehicle from any angle to start the interactive learning experience.

Model targets are the key aspect of the experience, and they’re created with the use of a vehicle’s 3D CAD data. When a mobile device’s camera identifies the physical vehicle associated with the model target, the experience is activated, and digital content can be overlaid onto the real vehicle via the customer’s screen. Model targets have been designed for high performance on automobiles and also work well in a variety of different settings and on larger objects.

Augmented reality helps improve customer experience and satisfaction

One of the most attractive qualities of AR technology is that it has the power to impact how consumers interact with products—and thus drives consumers to feel more connected to a brand thanks to a personalized experience. The Know & Go app is smart enough that it only tells the user about their own vehicle’s features, helping to emphasize a personalized experience for the individual consumer. It can also suggest features that a driver may not have used or discovered, and it can positively change the way people drive or interact with their vehicles.

Finally, the Know & Go app not only provides a fun and unique user experience—it also helps the user learn in a way that meets their own needs.

Bottom line: AR brings business value to automotive and other industries

Thanks to its advanced model target capabilities and over a decade of innovation to its wide range of features, Vuforia Engine is trusted by a 1 million+ developer base. Using Vuforia Engine and other AR technology is a game-changing way to make a lasting impact on the bottom line by connecting with customers before, during, and after the sales process—not to mention creating an experience that helps differentiate brands from their competitors.

Whether you’re considering a short-term campaign to boost sales or a long-term strategy to build brand identity, AR can dramatically change how consumers interact with your products. By engaging consumers with a personalized, intuitive experience, they’ll look to your brand for the next great ownership experience.

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