How Creo+ Is Empowering Design Collaboration with Real-Time Capabilities


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Software as a service, better known as SaaS, is no longer just a tech buzzword. It has permeated many aspects of business and powers the infrastructure behind most of the popular platforms used in the workplace.

SaaS is shifting from being an optional investment to an essential one, and there are a whole host of reasons why: flexibility, cost of ownership, security, scalability, and improved collaboration. According to market research firm IDC, more than half of all global enterprise software is now SaaS, with that trend only expected to increase in the future.

IDC SaaS vs. On-Prem Statistics 2023

Staying ahead of the curve and your competitors requires tools that not only harness cutting-edge technology but also foster seamless collaboration. Creo+ takes a giant leap forward by combining the power and proven functionality of Creo, delivered via SaaS, with cloud-based tools that are ushering in a new era of real-time collaboration and streamlined license management.

Creo+: The power of Creo, elevated

Creo+ represents a paradigm shift in design software. The transition to the cloud brings forth a host of advantages, from enhanced accessibility to simplified license management. With Creo+, users can now experience the full spectrum of Creo’s features, augmented by a suite of collaboration tools designed to facilitate a dynamic and efficient design process.

Empowering design collaboration in real time

In addition to all the capabilities of Creo, Creo+ includes newly-released collaboration tools to enable multiple team members to review, explore, and edit part design—in real time. Creo+ enables multiple users to work together simultaneously on a design in a single, secure environment. Real-time collaboration leverages the benefits of the cloud and enables richer communication across the organization to streamline the product development process and enhance design quality.

Gone are the days of asynchronous workflows and delayed feedback loops. The dedicated real-time collaboration capabilities in Creo+ set a new standard for teamwork in the design space.

Key features of Creo+ real-time collaboration

Below is an overview of the real-time collaboration tools and key features now available in Creo+:

Dynamic Collaboration Sessions: Create dedicated workspace sessions for multiple collaborators, both within and outside your organization.

Flexible Collaborator Management: Add or remove collaborators at any point during a session, providing unparalleled flexibility in team composition.

Transparent Modification Tracking: Visualize changes in real-time, allowing users to understand and adapt to modifications made by their team members.

Version Synchronization: Automatic synchronization ensures that everyone is working on the latest version of the design, eliminating the risk of outdated information.

Conflict Prevention: Avoid design conflicts by allowing only one user at a time to modify a specific part, promoting a seamless and conflict-free collaboration environment.

Branching Capabilities: Facilitate rapid iteration by creating branching design variations, which can be effortlessly merged back into the main design whenever needed.

User Notes and Notifications: Stay aligned with contributors through user notes and automatic notifications, fostering improved productivity and time savings.

Scalable Collaboration: Create as many collaboration sessions as needed to work on different designs or different assemblies of the same design concurrently.

Creo+ real-time collaboration is revolutionizing design collaboration. Creo+ empowers design teams to innovate faster, iterate efficiently, and bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Embrace the future of design with Creo+: where collaboration meets creativity.

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