ABI Research Names PTC a Leader in Generative Design Software

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For an engineering team that wants to push the limits of innovation, sustainability, and productivity, generative design software is a must. Generative design is a 3D CAD capability that uses AI (artificial Intelligence) to create optimal designs based on requirements that are input by the engineering team. After design criteria, goals, and objectives are set, the software takes over. This technology allows engineers to create superior designs and drive product innovation much more quickly than with traditional design methods.

Sounds cool, right? We think so. That’s why we’re excited to announce that independent market analysis firm ABI Research recently named PTC an industry leader in generative design. In their new research report, “Generative Design Software Suppliers – Competitive Ranking,” ABI Research compared nine generative design software suppliers who serve industrial and manufacturing customers.

The ABI Research report evaluated vendors on two criteria—innovation and implementation. PTC was named a leader, with high ranks in both categories. Keep reading to learn why.

A Leader in Innovation

ABI Research said this about the innovation category: “The main trends for innovation include building out robust capabilities to apply geometric constraints, simulating the performance of the design, and helping customers design items that reflect the manufacturing environment on the factory floor, as well as the commercial considerations, such as lightweighting and cost reductions.”

In the innovation category, suppliers were assessed in 5 areas:

  • Project start: How easy it is to set criteria when creating a new item or changing an existing design.
  • Generating design options: Automation, design for manufacturability, and design validation (from an engineering perspective) features. They also looked at simulation capabilities and computing/performance levels.
  • Solution accessibility: How easy or difficult is it to access and start using the solution and whether the solution supports remote work arrangements.
  • Utilizing selections: How the solution integrates into an overall digital thread strategy, including how well the solution supports turning designs into virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experiences.
  • Update frequency. How often new technologies are released into the solution.

Based on the criteria, PTC was named a Top Innovator. ABI Research said, “Creo is at the core of PTC’s digital thread offering, as the product design information developed in Creo can be shared across the organization to interact with other solutions, assets, and people. Creo enables enterprise-wide connectivity and contemporary technologies, including AR, and it supports enterprise digital twins projects.”

A Leader in Implementation

It doesn’t matter how great a provider’s solution is if they can’t implement it for their customers. “The companies with higher implementation scores are well placed to support design teams irrespective of location,” ABI Research said about the implementation category, Suppliers were assessed in five areas related to implementation:

  • Current usage levels and revenue
  • Industry expertise
  • Geographic spread
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Education initiatives and value-add services

ABI Research named PTC a Top Implementer with the ability to support and scale new projects. The report highlighted the PTC network of 700+ partners, the 100+ hours of Creo Parametric training content offered by PTC University, and the fact Creo has “one of the biggest installed bases in [the] study.”

Learn More About Generative Design

In ABI Research’s assessment, Creo’s generative design solution is the highest ranked in a fully capable CAD system. This is critical in maintaining an “unbroken design chain,” with no export/import needed. And when your loads or constraints change, your model can be easily updated to reflect the new conditions.

If you’re not yet using generative design in your work, what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time implement it. After all, the outcome is a design you might not have envisioned otherwise in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about our leading generative design software now.

Read the Full ABI Research Report

Check out the full report now to get more details on why PTC Creo is an industry leader in Generative Design. Download Now
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