Vuforia Named Outright Leader in Quadrant’s 2024 Enterprise Augmented Reality Competitive Matrix Assessment


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This blog was co-written with Ernestine Tiongson.

  • PTC was named the Outright Leader in Quadrant’s 2024 Enterprise Augmented Reality Competitive Matrix Assessment.
  • Vuforia earned high scores in both assessment categories, Customer and Implementation, ensuring PTC received the top vendor scores and matrix placement over competitors such as Librestream and TeamViewer.
  • Quadrant’s detailed study assessed and compared 11 AR providers to offer an unbiased assessment and ranking.

We are thrilled that PTC has been positioned as the Outright Leader in Quadrant’s 2024 SPARK Matrix for Enterprise Augmented Reality Assessment.

Quadrant’s report assessed 10 other vendors of AR solutions, including top competitors like TeamViewer. PTC received the highest Customer Impact and Technology Excellence scores, earning the highest overall vendor placement.


The 2024 publication marks the fourth consecutive year that Quadrant named Vuforia a market-leading AR solution. PTC has also been recognized as a market leader in Quadrant’s SPARK Matrix Assessments of our complementary digital thread portfolio products, such as Industrial IoT (IIoT), Discrete Enterprise PLM, Retail PLM, and Field Service Management (FSM). This reinforces the value and impact of our digital thread product portfolio that ensures customers receive exceptional business value using PTC products. PTC’s leading solutions are the foundation for successful digital transformation and connected worker strategies helping manufacturing companies to empower their workforce and unlock sustainable growth.

“PTC customer testimonials, complex product demonstrations, and delivery of their winning strategy have earned Vuforia the outright Leader title in this year's report,” noted Narayan Gokhale of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Research, the authoring analyst of the report. “We believe that the vendor is visionary and strategic in its approach to innovating and elevating its AR solution.”

JJ Lechleiter, Senior Vice President & General Manager of PTC’s Augmented Reality Business, shared his reaction to the win: “We are honored to be recognized as the Outright Leader in the AR space, and we owe our appreciation to the trust and confidence placed in us by our customers. This win reinforces our standing as industry leaders and keeps us motivated to keep pushing the boundaries with a best-in-class AR solution.”

About PTC

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About Vuforia

Vuforia offers the leading Enterprise AR solutions suite for AR work instructions and AI-enhanced quality checks. Vuforia makes frontline work more efficient with AR work instructions at scale—automatically sourced from existing product data in PLM and CAD systems. PTC's own Vuforia Engine computer vision technology—used by more than a million users across the globe—powers the comprehensive AR suite. Vuforia's solutions support a variety of devices, including mobile devices and AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, and Realwear devices.

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