Digital Transformation Report by CorporateLeaders and PTC

Creating Products and Services in a Digital World

Digital Product Lifecycle Management PLM solutions

Yet, many firms are lagging behind and failing to compete as they remain tied to traditional processes.

To highlight the benefits and barriers organizations face on the road to digitalization, PTC and CorporateLeaders conducted an international, multi-sector survey in April-May 2018. Participants comprised 128 executives involved in product development.

The survey focused on understanding:

  • Top digital trends impacting the way organizations create products and services.
  • Anticipated benefits of adopting a digital model.
  • Biggest challenges in the digital transformation journey.
  • Where organizations are with digital PLM.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, benefits and challenges.
  • Cloud adoption trends, goals, and barriers.

Download the full report summarizing our findings. Discover insights into these trends and the state of digital transformation in manufacturing. Get an overview of how PTC enables companies to create products and services in the IOT world.


Report summaries

Interested in the digital transformation approaches of European companies? Download report summaries for the following geographies: Germany, France, and Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, UK/Ireland).

                          Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, UK/Ireland)
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Survey results

As a follow up, listen to CorporateLeaders with PTC´s Mark Taber and Rob Patterson discuss the survey results.

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