How to See Tangible Benefits of IIoT Projects

Smart planning and the right platform will drive industrial IoT cost savings and provide lasting business value.

Target Opportunities for Tangible IIoT Success 

The best way to see the benefits of IIoT projects starts with identifying business goals with impact, and then targeting use cases to support those goals. Whether you’re looking to improve factory operations, deliver unsurpassed customer service, or support connected products—these common goals will maximize success.


Reducing Operational and Service Costs

IIoT monitoring reveals what your biggest costs drains are, from factory scrap to unnecessary truck rolls. Use IoT analytics and automation to address them.

Improving Asset and Service Efficiency

The industrial IoT helps you do more with less. Asset health monitoring, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance drive efficiency and cut downtime.

Support Revenue Growth

The IoT boosts production flexibility and agility, supports consumables monetization, and can even enable new product and service offerings.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The IoT accelerates service and cuts customer downtime. It also keeps supply chains moving, and harnesses usage data to improve product design.


Discover Benefits of IIoT Solutions

IIoT implementations are challenging if you don’t have a game plan. These customer proof points reveal how to see industrial IoT cost savings, increase efficiency, and drive growth. See how they’re doing it—and start building your own IIoT success plan today!


VDC Research: The Cost of IoT Inaction

Report: The Cost of Being Late to the IoT

The benefits of IIoT are well known—it’s the main reason why 80% of manufacturers have either adopted an IoT strategy or have definitive plans to do so in the near term. But what are the costs and risks of lagging behind your competitors? This report provides a deep understanding into how the IoT is being used—and what missing out on those opportunities may be costing you. 

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Webcast & Videographic: Costs and Consequences of Being Late with Your IoT Transformation

Building on VDC’s survey-driven report, this webcast replay features experts from VDC and PTC. Listen to an in-depth discussion explaining how IoT adoption favors fast-movers and increasingly penalizes those who remain on the fence. Assemble proof points illustrating what IoT success looks like. This replay is a must-listen if you’re considering your own digital transformation.

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Speak with an Internet of Things Expert

The time to begin your IIoT digital transformation is now

It’s true; digital transformation is not a trivial undertaking. But with smart planning and the right technology, you can make IIoT adoption deliver a rapid ROI while ensuring sustained value. Speak with an industrial IoT expert to learn how you can plan IoT strategies that address your specific challenges and opportunities.

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