Fatigue Analysis

Material fatigue analysis to bolster product reliability

You think you're tired? How about those metal or plastic parts you're planning to use in your design?

You know that even if stresses are well under safe values, materials subjected to repetitive or fluctuating stress can fracture, break in two, or simply snap without warning. The impact on your brand’s reputation and on the safety of those using your product could be disastrous.

You need to know how long you can expect the product to last. Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension enables you to bolster product reliability by simulating and improving the fatigue performance of your design before you build a single prototype. The software also includes rainflow cycle counting and plastic strain extrapolation. Using Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension, you can improve product quality, reduce after-market service and warranty expenses, and avoid costly product recalls and their impact on your brand.

The combination of Creo Simulate and PTC Creo Fatigue Advisor can be used either as a standalone application, or as an extension of Creo Parametric.

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