Article - CS403401

Windchill Workgroup Manager and Google Chrome (CVE-2023-5217)

Modified: 21-Dec-2023   

Applies To

  • Windchill PDMLink to
  • Windchill ProjectLink to
  • Windchill Workgroup Manager and earlier


  • Is Windchill Workgroup Manager (WWGM) impacted by the CVE-2023-5217
  • Windchill Workgroup Manager uses the Embedded Browser to interact with Windchill, which may use Chrome (Chromium Embedded Framework) in the following situations:
    • WWGM and older with uwgmclient.ini setting windows.browser.type set to chromium_browser
    • WWGM
  • Limited details are being made available from Google for this CVE
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