Article - CS358996

Kepware Apache log4j vulnerability - Incident Response

Modified: 01-Feb-2022   

Applies To

  • RedundancyMaster N/A to N/A
  • ThingWorx Kepware Edge 1.0.501.0 to 1.3.1285.0
  • LinkMaster N/A to N/A
  • KEPServerEX 5.20.396.0 N/A to 6.10.659.0
  • ThingWorx Kepware Server 6.8.875.0 to 6.10.659.0


  • Customer alert and recommendations for remediation of the Apache log4j 2.x identified vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE 2021-45046.

  • This vulnerability is in a third-party library that PTC Software uses for logging application errors, events, and associated information.

  • The vulnerability if exploited allows for remote and potentially malicious code execution on your environments.

  • Regarding CVE-2021-4041 for Apache Log4j 1.x, there is no impact on PTC Kepware products

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