Article - CS351989

Creo Parametric is Not Responding just after launch since Sep 2nd 2021, Resource Center window and all menus are not accessible

Modified: 20-Oct-2021   

Applies To

  • Creo Parametric 4.0 to 8.0
  • Windchill PDMLink 10.2 to 12.0
  • Windchill ProjectLink 10.2 to 12.0
  • Pro/INTRALINK 8.x + 10.2 to 12.0
  • Windchill PDM Essentials 10.2 to 12.0
  • PTC Arbortext Content Manager 10.2 to 12.0


  • Not Responding status just after launch, Creo Resource Center window is freezing and all the buttons or menus are not accessible
  • Analyzing xtop.exe wait chain in Windows Task manager show, xtop.exe is waiting for genlwsc.exe (Generic PTC Light weight Service Container) process to complete.

  • Users not able to use Creo after starting the application
  • Creo failed to start, no response from PTC Resource page
  • Creo does not respond when clicking workspace, or inability to login Windchill
    • Server is registered and connection sounds established, but the status is unknown and Creo software keeps spinning
  • Creo Parametric hangs due to the popup message for a webcast September 14th.
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