Article - CS328466

How to specify "Prefer: odata.maxpagesize=50" in ThingWorx Connector

Modified: 03-Aug-2020   

Applies To

  • ThingWorx Navigate 1.8.0 to 9.0


  • By default ThingWorx Navigate ODataConnector uses Prefer: odata.maxpagesize=200
  • How to specify Prefer: odata.maxpagesize=50 in ThingWorx Connector. E.g.,
    • Thingworx Integration Connector
    • GenericConnector
    • HTTPConnector
    • ODataConnector
    • SAPODataConnector
    • SwaggerConnector
    • WindchillSwaggerConnector
  • How to use Prefer: odata.maxpagesize=50 in a particular service in Thingworx Connector and restrict it to that service only?
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