Article - CS324663

My Kepware portal License Information Lookup tool in PTC Kepware Products

Modified: 21-May-2021   

Applies To

  • KEPServerEX 5.20.396.0 to 6.10
  • LinkMaster to
  • RedundancyMaster to
  • ThingWorx Kepware Server 8.0 to 6.10


  • Where can I look at the status of my license?
  • I have an activation ID but I don't know what license it is for?
  • Is my activation ID in use?
  • Is this license available for deployment?
  • Is my ID banked?
  • Is the license returned?
  • I just logged on to the My Kepware portal, what is that License Information field, is that how I activate my license?
  • What is the text field for on the home page of the My Kepware portal
  • My Kepware portal license search
  • License Information search
  • License Look up
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