Article - CS282719

Minimum Windchill license profile requirements for CAD integration with Windchill

Modified: 10-Aug-2022   

Applies To

  • Windchill PDMLink 11.1 to 12.1
  • Windchill PDM Essentials 11.1 to
  • Windchill ProjectLink 11.1 to 12.1
  • Creo Parametric 3.0 to 8.0
  • PTC Arbortext Editor 6.0 to 8.2
  • Windchill Workgroup Manager


  • What licensing profiles are required for various CAD integrations with Windchill, including AutoCAD, Solidworks, Catia, NX
  • Licensing compliance requirements for Windchill 
  • Is there any way to check list of users who is using licenses for Solidworks and Windchill integration
  • gettin the following message while trying to connect to Windchill from Creo Parametric:
Insufficient Windchill license to Windchill Server, Windchill, connection to the server is refused
  • Getting error in Method Server logs:
"User is not a member of any valid license groups. Access is denied. You do not have a Windchill license assigned to your account. Contact your administrator for further assistance"
  • Getting below error in CMS diagnostics when connecting from Editor to Windchill
"User xxx does not have a valid windchill license to use the server <server_name> with Arbortext. Arbortext requires an XYZ license..."
  • Why do we have to purchase a separate license for the wcadmin (to add admin or test user) user to publish files
  • What licenses are needed when using Mentor Graphics with Windchill
  • Unable to publish any CAD Document of 3rd part application like Soliworks, Autodesk Inventor, NX due to error 
Insufficient Windchill license to Windchill Server, publishxxxxxxxxxxxxxtmp, connection to publishxxxxxxxxxxxxxtmp.
  • What is the License group in Windchill to provide a user the ability to use Creo illustrate
  • Can Creo Parametric and Windchill 12 be used for design  collaboration for multi users online?
  • How to add a user to a license group for SolidWorks integration.
  • Does it need Windchill Creo Data Management & Visualization license for Creo Parametric and Windchill intergration?
  • Creo Parametric is Unable to connect to Windchill with error after Windchill is installed While Windchill can be accessed through IE browser.
  • Creo worker not working on Windchill 12
    • No error seen in the worker.log
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