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Article - CS266895
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ThingWorx Best Practices Hub

Created: 18-Jul-2017   |   Modified: 26-Mar-2018   

Applies To

  • ThingWorx Platform 7.2 to 8.0


  • Best practice guide
  • How to know best way to build ThingWorx application
  • Recommendations on how to design ThingWorx IoT application
  • How to write services, subscriptions, and queries to improve performance
  • How to optimize system stability and performance in ThingWorx
  • How to know which database to use
  • Streams vs. Value Streams vs. Data Tables vs. Info Tables
  • How to purge old data, when to purge old data, and data purge best practice
  • Application Key expiration best practices
  • Troubleshooting system performance and heap space errors
  • Understanding Java Options
  • Properties in ThingWorx, Aspects, Property Overview
  • DataChange events and complicated conditional statements and rules
  • How to implement very complicated rules engines
  • Data aggregation in ThingWorx
  • Which EMS should I choose?
  • Disabling and enabling things smoothly from a ThingWorx UI
  • How to build a basic rules engine for alarms in ThingWorx