Article - CS265827

Experience Service Registration in GXI - Vuforia Studio On-Premise (Experience Service) customers

Modified: 08-Jan-2020   

Applies To

  • Vuforia Studio 8.0.0 N/A
  • The Global Experience Index (GXI) is the service where the Experience Service URL is registered, its domain-id and ThingMark-id are assigned. The Vuforia View queries GXI inorder to find the link between the ThingMark and its corresponding ES. 
  • The Vuforia View identifies only those Experience Services that are registered in GXI


  • What is the procedure to request ThingMarks for On-Premise Experience Service. 
  • How to register custom ThingMark with Global Experience Index (GXI) 
  • ThingMark attached to the On-Premise Experience Service is not being recognized at scanning
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