Article - CS240607
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Tuning Value Stream and Stream Processing on ThingWorx

Modified: 04-Aug-2017   

Applies To

  • ThingWorx Platform 6.0 F000


  • How can ValueStreamProcessingSubsystem or StreamProcessingSubsystem Settings be tuned?
  • Noticeable 10 second delay between when data is received by ThingWorx and when it appears in a ValueStream
  • Why can't the remote data be seen immediately after the device sends the data to ThingWorx?
  • Why adding to a Stream works fine and instantaneous on the first time execution but takes a further 45s for the 2nd execution, in the following scenario?
    • Writing something in a text box
    • Press Add Note to introduce that text into a table
    • First try works fine
    • The data introduced after this first try, the button Execute Service has to be pressed several times before the text is added in the table
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