Article - CS197208

Impact of Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) deprecation in Google Chrome, Chromium based browsers and the effect on Creo View

Modified: 06-Aug-2021   

Applies To

  • Creo Parametric 2.0 to 8.0
  • Creo Direct 1.0 to 7.0
  • Creo Layout 2.0 to 7.0
  • Windchill PDMLink 10.0 to
  • Windchill ProjectLink 10.0 to 12.0
  • Windchill PDM Essentials 10.1 to 11.2
  • Pro/INTRALINK 8.x + 10.0 to 11.2
  • PTC Arbortext Content Manager 10.0 to 12.0
  • Creo View 1.0 to 8.0
  • Visualization Services (WVS)
  • Google Chrome 42 and later
    • ​Does not affect Internet Explorer


  • The Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) is the mechanism by which the PTC Creo View application user interface can be embedded in the Google Chrome web browser.
  • This article documents the impact of the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) deprecation in Google Chrome, Chromium based browsers and the effect it will have on Creo View when embedded in Windchill
  • This change will affect the following Creo View Plug-in based use cases for Windchill:
    • Windchill Open in Creo View and Print in Creo View actions
    • WVS Representation 3D Thumbnails embedded in Windchill Information > Details pages and the Thumbnail Navigator
    • Dynamic Part and CAD Document Structure Viewing (e.g. Information page > Structure > Visualization tab)
    • Creo View embedded in the Windchill MPMLink structure browsers
  • Note: Due to PTC bundling an earlier version of the Chromium browser libraries with Creo Parametric 3.0Creo View Plug-in based use cases in the embedded browser UI are not impacted
  • For details of the Mozilla based browser NPAPI deprecation, refer to CS222882


  • Why, after updating to Google Chrome 45 that was released on 1st September 2015, does Creo View no longer launch from Windchill when attempting to perform the Open in Creo View action from the Chrome browser?
  • After updating to Chromium version 42.0.2311.90 or later, Creo View is no longer opened by clicking the thumbnail on Windchill's details page
  • The Windchill Information Page > Structure > Visualization tab does not load a viewable and displays a blank white screen
  • Only the 2D Thumbnail Image is displayed on the Windchill Details page, i.e. no dynamic 3D Thumbnail preview image
  • The Thumbnail Navigator displays a static 2D image instead of the dynamic, rotatable 3D image
  • Is there any hidden property to enable plug-in support for Google Chrome
  • Attempting to Open in Creo View or use the Structure > Visualization tab in Windchill results in a blank page containing either of the following messages:
    Install Creo View Client
    Stop Checking for new versions
    Install New Version
    Use Current Version
But none of these options re-enables the Creo View client
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