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Article - CS16366
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How to disable hardware rendering (graphics card and driver) for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

Created: 17-Jan-2011   |   Modified: 16-May-2019   

Applies To

  • Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 16.00 to 20.2


  • Window or viewport frozen in Creo Elements Direct - 'Vport1' frozen due to graphics error
  • Sometimes when starting CoCreate Modeling on a new system, or after updating other hardware or drivers, users will get a frozen viewport and Modeling will display a message like
vport1 frozen due to graphic error!
system message signal received segmentation violation.
  • How to disconnect CoCreate Modeling from your graphic card and drivers
  • How to run all graphics display from the CPU
  • How to force Modeling to use Software rendering instead of the graphcs drivers
  • How to run Modeling on systems with a unsupported graphics cards
  • How to troubleshoot graphic card problems