Article - CS113981

What are the supported database, operating system, and Internet browser platforms for supported Integrity Lifecycle Manager versions?

Modified: 18-Feb-2020   

Applies To

  • Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager) 2009 to 12.3


  • What are the supported platforms for Integrity Lifecycle Manager?
  • What are the supported versions or releases of Integrity Lifecycle Manager?
  • What databases, versions of Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2 are supported with Integrity Lifecycle Manager Server, Client and Agent?
  • What operating systems, platforms, versions of Unix, Linux, AIX, Solaris, or Windows are supported with Integrity Lifecycle Manager?
  • What client or server platforms are supported?
  • What Internet browsers, versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Mozilla are supported?
  • What is the supported version of Microsoft Word for Integrity Lifecycle Manager Integration?
  • Is there a Source integration with Windows Explorer?
  • Which versions of Integrity Lifecycle Manager supports Windows Server 2012?
  • What are the Integrity Lifecycle Manager hardware compatibilities?
  • What are the operating systems supported for the Integrity Lifecycle Manager License Manager database?
  • How do you recommend what OS is optimal for the Integrity Lifecycle Manager database?
  • Does Integrity Lifecycle Manager 11 support the use of multiple processors/cores?
  • It is possible to run Integrity Lifecycle Manager <version> with database <version> ?
  • Installation on Linux fails due to cyptographic Null Pointer Exception
  • Cannot get web interface side menu to original display
  • Installer UI Mode Error Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported
  • Does Integrity Lifecycle Manager Client 11.1 work on Windows XP Pro platform ?
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager Server Infrastructure info required for VM use
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