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With less room for error than ever before, expert knowledge and guidance is critical. PTC Support Services are packaged to ensure you receive the most value from your PTC experience based on your needs. We proactively monitor your PTC solutions in real-time in order to recommend upgrades and optimizations that keep your organization running at peak performance.

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Step 1: Explore Your Entitlements

Did you know that as a PTC customers, you receive a comprehensive set of services that enable you to be successful with your PTC products.

Perpetual License Customer  Subscription License Customer

Standard services you can expect include:

But there's more! We offer additional services,

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Step 2: Access Your Support

Start by creating a PTC Customer Web Account. This provides you with full access to online Support and self-help resources. If you currently have a Basic Account, you can upgrade your account to enable your Support access. To validate your Support access and upgrade the account, you will need to have the following two pieces of information:

  1. Customer Number
  2. Any one of the following:
    • Service Contract Number (SCN)
    • Sales Order Number (SON)
    • Site Number

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Note: If you receive direct support through an authorized PTC Partner, the Online Case Logger is not an available feature through PTC’s online service.

Step 3: Personalize Your Support

PTC’s award-winning eSupport portal is your one-stop for all your software support questions. Once your Customer Account is created, you can visit the eSupport portal to:

  • Quickly access all key digital tools and resources to support your implementation
  • Find relevant, tailored content, based on your interests and needs
  • Easily manage ongoing interactions with Technical Support"

Personalize My eSupport Portal

Learn about other personalized services:

  • Learning Connector
  • Customized eLearning
  • Technical Support Account Managers
  • Customer Success Plans

Step 4: Connect Your Products

With less room for error than ever before, knowledge and guidance from data-driven support is a game changer for your business.

That is why we introduced the Performance Advisor, PTC’s first Smart Connect Support™ service that helps monitor and manage your software installations – exclusively available to all active support and subscription customers.

Powered by PTC's own IoT platform, ThingWorx, the Performance Advisor helps customers realize operational efficiencies, transform service and IT processes, and make better decisions with rich actionable data.

Now available for Creo, Windchill, and Integrity products, with over 10,000 connected customers and growing.

Learn how to get connected, smart and proactive today!

Step 5: Training

PTC University eLearning Libraries offer a simple, online approach to help you increase your proficiency and adoption of PTC products. With access to over 6,000 hours of training content, you and your team can receive the training you want – when and where you need it most.

  • Efficient: Content available in short, easy-to-absorb modules, covering both basic and advanced capabilities
  • Accessible: The eLearning Libraries are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Available on-demand: Learn at your own pace – stop and restart training at any time to accommodate your schedule

PTC University eLearning Libraries are included with every PTC product subscription and available for these product families.



Step 6: Additional Resources

We understand that some businesses require additional services, so we have a la cart services specific for your needs.

A La Carte Services



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Now that you’ve completed all 6 steps to success, you should be up-and-running and equipped with the right tools to drive innovation.

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