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Pricing Options: One-year Term$735/yr


PTC Mathcad Prime is the go-to tool for engineers looking to solve, analyze and share vital calculations with ease. Its comprehensive yet intuitive interface enables accurate calculations, traceability, and protects intellectual property. Document critical engineering calculations in a professional notebook with natural mathematical notation and units intelligence. Show your work using rich formatting options alongside plots, text, and images in a single document. Don't settle for spreadsheets, Mathcad visually represents math in an easy-to-understand format, making engineering calculations simple to define, understand and manipulate. Bring your calculations to life with Mathcad Prime.

Your one-year term of PTC Mathcad Prime gives you access to the latest version of the product for one individual user with technical support. Click here to learn more about the newest features in Mathcad Prime. If you wish to purchase a multi-user network license, contact PTC or your local participating PTC reseller for more information.

Before purchasing PTC Mathcad Prime, please review PTC’s Platform Support page to ensure your hardware configuration is supported for PTC Mathcad Prime.

New Features

PTC Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering mathematics software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems and share your engineering calculations. With PTC Mathcad Prime 8, engineering calculations just got better. This release introduces key application, symbolic engine, numeric engine, and usability enhancements.

Application Updates

There are several updates to application-level functionality, which include important features requested by users.

  • You can now set warnings for when either user- or system-defined identifiers such as variables, constants, and functions are redefined in your worksheet. This allows you to avoid unknowingly changing the definition of critical parameters.
  • We have added a partial derivative operator in the Operators menu for you to use to define calculations that include partial derivatives
  • You can independently turn on header, footer, or page view borders with the new show frame functionality
  • To enhance the usability of the combo-box input control added in the last release, Prime 8 allows you to copy multiple values and paste them into the combo-box edit mode, making combo-box input control creation easier

Symbolic and Numeric Engine Enhancements

There are many customer-driven enhancements to the symbolics engine in Mathcad Prime 8, as well as new functionality not seen in previous versions of Mathcad. On top of general keyword improvements, there has been significant improvement and expansion in use and performance for integral functions, such as Fourier, Laplace, and Ztrans and their inverses. Two new modifiers have been added to allow manipulation of the normalization and oscillatory factors for use with the Fourier keyword. Calculus operators such as Limits, Integrals, and Derivatives have been improved and cover expanded use cases. There is now better auto-labelling of undefined variables in symbolic results.

The numeric engine in Mathcad has also been updated—we’ve improved the behavior of the statespace and odesolve functions and updated physical constants to match the latest values from NIST and CODATA. 

Usability Updates

  • You can now see on a worksheet tab when a worksheet is unsaved and can close a worksheet directly from its tab
  • You can move worksheets to rearrange their order
  • Each tab now includes a right mouse button menu that provides access to useful actions including calculate, move tab, copy full file path name, open containing folder, and close this or other tabs
  • And there are several smaller usability updates, like the new clear text format command and Ctrl/wheel zoom

Save as HTML Legacy Worksheet View

Finally, a new Save as HTML option has been added to the legacy worksheet converter. This allows you to create a view of your legacy PTC Mathcad worksheet before you convert it to PTC Mathcad Prime format and refer to it to help rework your converted worksheet where necessary.

Included With Your Subscription

In addition to the one-year individual license and global support, you will also have access to:

  • Animator tool
  • Worksheet library – Volume 4
    • Practice and learn problem solving in Mathcad
    • View reference tables
    • Access Quicksheets
  • Mathcad’s e-learning library
  • Two (2) home use licenses

PTC Global Support Information

PTC offers a variety of support options, from the Gold support package to Platinum Plus, including our new product, Smart Connected Support.