PTC On-Premises License Agreements and Documents

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The agreement applicable to PTC on-premises license purchases consists of a Quote (issued by your PTC sales representative or reseller), the PTC End User License Agreement, the PTC Licensing Basis Document(s) for the offering(s) you are purchasing, the Support Terms and Conditions, and the Schedule of Third-Party Terms. These documents are provided for your review, download, and printing.

PTC End user license agreements (EULAs)


End user license agreement (EULA) for all PTC software products (exclusions below)

PTC MKS Toolkit

Developer tool products: PERC, APEXADA, ADAWORLD, OBJECTADA, TELEUSE, AND X32 (formerly Atego or Aonix products)

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) UDISS license agreement

PTC Vuforia Engine & Cloud Reco Service

Schedule of third party terms

Certain PTC software products contain third party software components for which additional terms apply ("Third Party Components"). The current additional terms are set forth below. Separately, certain third party software products that PTC may elect to bundle for distribution with PTC software products are licensed to Customer directly by the manufacturer of such third party software products ("Bundled Third Party Products"). Such Bundled Third Party Products are also described below.

New Releases of PTC software may be subject to additional or different third party terms, which will be posted on this Schedule of Third Party Terms. PTC’s Schedule of Third Party Terms is provided for your review, download, and printing.

Translated documents

Support for on-prem software

PTC Global Services support terms and conditions

Codebeamer support terms and conditions

Atego, ApexAda, and ObjectAda support terms and conditions

The support terms and conditions for these products are as specified in the end user license agreement for these products.