MQTT Client

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Product Overview

The MQTT Client driver provides a seamless, secure, and reliable data exchange between devices that utilize the MQTT protocol and client applications.

MQTT is a lightweight message protocol that connects to a wide variety of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial automation devices. MQTT is often used to connect sensor networks and is increasingly embedded on next generation industrial automation devices. In many scenarios, MQTT transmits data from these devices to the Cloud.

The MQTT Client driver is a user-friendly out-of-the-box MQTT to OPC UA translator. It securely accesses otherwise siloed data and transmits it to Kepware. Users can then integrate this data with data collected from traditional industrial automation assets—such as PLCs, sensors, and databases—to create a single source of consolidated plant floor data.

  • Innovative parsing tools enable users to create tags from popular devices that utilize MQTT
  • Acts as an MQTT Client by subscribing to any MQTT broker
  • Offers Automatic Tag Generation, providing a fast and efficient way to create tags
  • Creates a highly secure connection, based on the latest security best practices:
    • Full SSL encryption support utilizing TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2
    • MQTT standard username and password functionality
    • Client-side certificate authentication support
  • Highly performant and able to handle the high volumes and speed of data that customers expect and rely upon
  • Read-only
  • MQTT
  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese



  • Added Automatic Tag Generation for subscribed topics, allowing users to create tags in the server with minimal setup.
  • Added UTF-16 support for JSON payloads, allowing parsing of both UTF-8 and UTF-16 JSON payloads.
  • Added support for “NULL” values in the JSON payload.
  • Added support for all characters in the Client ID.
  • Added unsolicited data updates for clients that support it.
  • The total number of channels is now limited to 60.



  • Allow '@' to be used in the Client ID.



  • Initial release of the MQTT Client driver with the capability to connect to an MQTT broker and a specified Topic. The driver parses any valid JSON messages that are published to the Topic and update tags based on that data. This is a read only driver; it is unable to publish data to a Broker. The driver is configured in the Connectivity node of the Project Tree.

Supports a majority of devices that utilize MQTT to transmit data, including:

  • The WzzardTM Wireless Sensor Network Platform from B+B SmartWorx
  • Meshlium from Libelium
  • PFC100 and PFC200 series controllers from WAGO
  • EK9160 IoT Bus Coupler from Beckhoff
  • IIoT Gateway from EpiSensor
  • Maestro from CD Innovation
  • Edge of Network Gateway from Maple Systems
  • Any device that publishes data in a JSON format