Fanuc Focas Ethernet

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Product Overview

The Fanuc Focas Ethernet device driver provides data exchange between OPC clients and Focas CNCs. The driver also supports the unsolicited communications mode of the Fast Ethernet card. Kepware automatically optimizes your data acquisition based on client demand. Data integrity is ensured with our extensive error handling.

This driver uses and requires either the Focas 1 or the Focas 2 interface libraries that are available from FANUC America Corporation. (The Focas2 Library combines both Ethernet and HSSB capabilities.) Although it is not required that the library is installed in order to create a server project, the project will not run without it. This software may be obtained from a FANUC distributor, or by calling 1-888-FANUC-US (1-888-326-8287).

  • Supports Focas 1 Ethernet interface library (Fanuc part number A02B-0207-K732
  • Supports Focas 2 Ethernet and HSSB (High Speed Serial Bus) interface library (Fanuc part number A02B-0207-K737)
  • Supports the PMC data area of the i series CNC controllers
  • Supports NC data via cnc_rdparam (read parameter) tag
  • Supports diagnostic and alarm data via cnc_diagnoss and cnc_alarm2 tags
  • Supports axis data via cnc_rdaxisdata tag
  • Supports path data via cnc_setpath and cnc_getpath tags
  • Supports Unsolicited data reporting
  • FOCAS Ethernet
  • FANUC Power Mate i
  • FANUC Series 0i
  • FANUC Series 15
  • FANUC Series 15i
  • FANUC Series 16
  • FANUC Series 16i
  • FANUC Series 18
  • FANUC Series 18i
  • FANUC Series 21
  • FANUC Series 21i
  • FANUC Series 30i
  • FANUC Series 31i
  • FANUC Series 32i
  • Open Addressing
  • English
  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware



  • Added support for the cnc_sysinfo call.
  • Extended the range for Tool Offset Number and Type limits.



  • Added support for the cnc_rdtimer call to allow reading five different timers from the device.
  • Added support for the cnc_rdalmmsg call to allow reading current alarm information; including number, type, and message.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to read the cnc_exeprgname_Name tag could lead to a crash.



  • Fixed an issue with the cnc_exeprgname tag that could crash the server.



  • Updated the cnc_rdaxisdata tags to allow up to 32 axes instead of limiting to 4.
  • Added support for the cnc_exeprgname call, which gives access to the Program Name and Number of the current program.
  • Added support for the cnc_rddynamic2 call. This allows access to many different values including Alarms, Position Values, Feed Rate, Spindle Speed, Sequence Number, and Program Number.



  • Added the ability to read the program number currently selected on the device (cnc_rdprgnum).



  • Added support for the following Fanuc Focas Data Window Library calls: 
    • cnc_alarm2
    • cnc_diagnoss
    • cnc_rdaxisdata
    • cnc_setpath
    • cnc_getpath
  • Fixed an issue where the Event Log error messages were not reporting the correct error code value. 



  • Added a cnc_rdparam tag to access parameters for certain Focas devices using the K737 library. This driver allows an end user to enter the parameter number and axis number if applicable to get data from a Focas controller.



  • IP address octets are now properly constrained to a maximum value of 255.



  • Added the ability to set the maximum request size to 8 bytes. This provides access to non-contiguous macros below #1000.



  • Renamed the GE Focas Ethernet driver to Fanuc Focas Ethernet to reflect corporate changes by vendor.



  • Increased the maximum channel count from 100 to 256.



  • Enhanced the driver's Open model to support the Series 30i device.
  • Fixed an issue where the driver was not communicating after the device was disconnected and then reconnected.


Changed the minimum Device ID from 1 to 0.


  • Fixed an issue wherein all models except the Series 15i had one or more invalid address ranges. This issue was introduced with the addition of CNC status info tags.


  • Fixed issue where all models except the Series 15i had one or more invalid address ranges. The bug was introduced with the addition of CNC status info tags.


  • Fixed address parser problem introduced with addition of CNC status info tags


  • Added support for CNC Status Info tags.