Remote Condition Monitoring

Your customers require smart, connected equipment to reach performance goals. Discover how out-of-the-box remote monitoring for industrial machine builders can help you meet demand.

Why Remote Monitoring Is in Demand

Your Industrial Customers Require Out-Of-The-Box IIoT Functionality

As industrial companies invest in new equipment, they are prioritizing machines with built-in IIoT functionality. These capabilities are valued for measuring and improving key metrics like OEE. Learn why remote condition monitoring has become a must-have for manufacturers.

Solve Customer Challenges with Remote Monitoring

By building remote monitoring and IoT capabilities into your machines, you’re signaling that you understand—and can solve—critical challenges for your customers. These include:


Standardize Connectivity

Out-Of-The-Box Connectivity

Connectivity is a frequently cited barrier to IIoT factory improvement initiatives. Ensure your products ship with “IIoT ready” connectivity.

Data Communication

Data Communication

Networks vary based on customer and factory conditions. Ensure flexible and security data transfer—from the edge to the cloud.

IIoT Applications

Getting Value from Data

Machine data lacks value if it can’t be used. Put data to work with dashboards, monitoring, notifications and starter IIoT applications.

Customer Success: Flowserve

How Remote Condition Monitoring Became a Game-Changer

Flowserve pumps and machinery solves flow-control challenges for industrial companies around the globe. Flowserve Vice President Aric Zurek explains how IIoT-enabled remote monitoring became a game-changer for up-time, product reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Podcast Series: Machine Builders

Quotation Mark

If you listen to your equipment in the field, you actually hear what your customers are saying to you, and that is the mindset change. I don’t really want to sell the piece of equipment. I want to sell the value that it delivers to that end user."

John Kadane, Director of Product Marketing, PTC

Explore the Value of Remote Monitoring

Monitor customer equipment to improve service
Tech-Clarity investigates digital transformation strategies
Profit from Smart Connected Products
Review Revenue-Boosting Outcomes

Monitor customer equipment to improve service

Learn how to expand the value of your offerings through digitization.

Tech-Clarity investigates digital transformation strategies

Learn from experts to unlock more value from your service models with IoT strategy.

Profit from Smart Connected Products

Discover How to Differentiate Your Products to Drive Top-Line and Bottom-Line Business Benefits

Review Revenue-Boosting Outcomes

Realize three revenue-boosting outcomes of connected business models—through the “next normal” and beyond.

Deep Dive: Remote Monitoring for Industrial Machine Builders

If you need to understand how machine builders are creating value for their customers with IIoT-driven remote condition monitoring, and how you can follow suit with the right IIoT platform—you’ve come to the right place.

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