Minimize Direct Materials Cost and Reduce Scrap By Up to 50%

Reduce scrap, eliminate rework, and minimize waste—while keeping overhead expenses in check

Lower direct materials costs streamline indirect materials costs

Manufacturers are working with PTC to reduce their direct and indirect material costs by using augmented and digital work instructions, real-time asset monitoring, and predictive analytics to reduce waste during production and generate results like:

Up to a

Up to a

Reduction in scrap

Reduction in scrap

Up to a

Up to a

Increase in yield

Increase in yield

Innovative approaches to reduce both direct materials costs and indirect materials costs

The idea of reaching near-zero levels of waste and rework used to seem out of reach, but new technologies are cutting both direct and indirect materials costs. Identify and eliminate hidden sources of waste and address problems before they arise with real-time asset monitoring and digital work instructions.

Reduce scrap and rework with augmented reality

Industrial organizations lose millions in potential revenue due to production line downtime, defects, and waste. Augmented reality and IIoT are helping organizations drive game-changing improvements with digital work instructions and AR-enabled expert support. Read the E-book

Next-gen lean manufacturing

Digital lean manufacturing is all about eliminating waste. See how connected data is allowing companies to supercharge their lean initiatives. Reinvent Lean

Plant benchmarking

Improve your overall plant performance to eliminate the risk of waste during production. See how you can optimize data accessibility across your plants, equipment, and more.  Maximize Your Efficiency

Eliminating operational waste with PTC

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LACROIX Electronics

LACROIX Electronics used PTC ThingWorx to eliminate defects and reduce waste through operational excellence.

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Vestas reduced errors during the manufacturing process by leveraging PTC’s solutions to digitize work instructions and cut material costs.

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CuBE drove operational excellence and reduced waste with PTC’s IIoT technology for plant monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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Digital performance management drives manufacturing improvements with predictive quality

Identify inefficiencies to show exactly how much time was lost to improve downtime, changeovers, speed losses, and scrap.

Identify production inefficiencies

Amplify problem-solving with capabilities that include predictive quality, asset monitoring and utilization, and a connected and augmented workforce.

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