When Smith and Nephew, a global medical technology business, set out to create a common data platform for their global enterprise, they turned to PTC’s PLM to serve as their single source of truth. With Cognizant’s help to envision and build more efficient, innovative business units, Smith and Nephew anticipates these improvements will reduce time-to-market and operational costs.
With the foundation for a product-driven digital thread in place, Smith and Nephew seeks to:

  • Improve digital traceability over its products’ lifecycle across all business units in the U.S. and Europe
  • Streamline manufacturing operations and manage its supply chain with a fully connected BOM
  • Establish a continuous transfer of product data from engineering to the factory (I.e. EBOM to MBOM, Process Plans, Work Instructions, Resource planning)

Srinath Tupil
Vice President Global, IT


Doug Baker
Sr. Director, Global R&D Product Support, Orthopedics


Hardik Kansupada
Sr. Director Product innovation & IoT


Mark Lobo
VP, PLM Product Management

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