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Unleashing the Power of Data with IoT and Augmented Reality

BCG and PTC research demonstrates how companies in many industries, that aren’t experimenting with joint IoT-AR strategies risk being left behind by rivals.

Proving the Importance of a Joint IoT + AR Strategy Across the Value Chain

In the first joint research report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and PTC, we break down data derived from a survey of 200+ executives implementing IoT and AR strategies to quickly kick off a virtuous cycle of cost savings, revenue increases, and higher profits that can prompt a double-digit increase in top and bottom lines.

With more than 80% of the respondents expecting combined IoT-AR solutions to become the norm in their industry over the next five years, we show how companies not experimenting with this joint strategy put themselves at risk of being left behind by their competition.

The Joint Value of IoT + AR for Businesses

Augmented reality (AR)—a technology with enormous promise—is emerging as the key that will unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). AR applications are using the myriad kinds of data generated by IoT devices and components to help employees be more effective and productive.

Experience two real-world IoT + AR solutions in augmented reality with the accompanying app, available on iOS and Android.

On-Demand: MIT Sloan Management Review Connections Webinar Replay

Watch the MIT Sloan Management Review Connections webinar replay featuring Vladimir Lukic, BCG Managing Director and Partner, and Craig Melrose, PTC Executive Vice President of Digital Transformation Solutions, as they describe how companies can use the powerful IoT-AR combination to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits.