Maximizing Impact by Integrating People, Products and Processes

Craig Melrose, Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation in conversation with: Penelope Brown, Senior Content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

Maximizing impact by integrating people, products and processes

People, products, and processes have continually improved since the dawn of the industrial age. But each has progressed at different rates and in different ways. Digital is an equalizer that promises to level up all three to similar levels and integrate them like never before while adding the benefit of more real time information, in context, with newer and deeper insights focused ONLY on what matters most while generating business impact.

In this discussion, Craig Melrose, Executive Vice President of PTC´s Digital Transformation Solutions gives his insights into the business and financial impacts of digital adoption and how it can help companies set and achieve their stretch goals. A discussion on the importance of change, value-add, and digital transformation in manufacturing.

  • Understanding business impact through financial levers
  • Integration of people, products, and processes in digital transformation
  • Setting and achieving stretch goals using appropriate metrics
  • The importance of understanding the pain of current processes
  • Balancing physical and digital changes
  • Embracing agile development

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