Integrate Legacy Equipment With Modern Assets for the IIoT

This webinar replay compares strategies and techniques for extending modern connectivity to your trusted legacy equipment

Your workhorse factory equipment may pre-date modern connectivity requirements. But there are still ways to easily introduce the benefits of connectivity.

Long-serving equipment, machines and systems may be the backbone of industrial manufacturing—but they often predate today's on-board microprocessors and network connections. The data generated by these legacy devices represents an enormous resource. But how can you benefit from data that’s locked away in siloed devices?

The good news is there are multiple methods for tapping the insights waiting within legacy equipment.

Join this webinar to hear Jim Montague of Control Global, and Philip Bard of Kepware explore the pros and cons different approaches, including common pitfalls and examples of success. Discussed topics include:

  • The high-cost approach of ripping and replacing old devices with IIoT-enabled hardware and software.
  • The lower-cost, high-effort method of developing in-house connectivity solutions from scratch with existing components.
  • Deploying third-party, industrial connectivity solutions (e.g. OPC servers, IoT platforms, IoT gateways and sensors) for legacy equipment. This standardizes communication with legacy protocols and supports new sensors to measure and share KPIs out to your IIoT platform and users.

Integrate Legacy Equipment with Modern Assets for the industrial IoT

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