Webinar Replay: Closing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing & Service: Usher-In Industry 4.0 with Augmented Reality and Real-Time Data

Original Air Date: March 23, 2022

Amid industry wide skills gap issues and a changing work environment, manufacturing and service organizations are finding augmented reality (AR) coupled with real-time data to be critical for increasing operational efficiency and productivity, as well as enriching the overall employee experience.

But how do we utilize these technologies to make an impact on both employees and the business? Watch this webinar replay for a discussion with Aberdeen to hear how manufacturing and services organizations are realizing value with AR and real-time data to narrow the skills and knowledge gap and ensure all employees have the tools they need to succeed.

This webinar covers:

  • Strategies to boost employee engagement and enhance training
  • The ways AR experiences transcend traditional learning and development
  • How AR allows workers to fail safely, so you can learn from your mistakes and failures
  • And more