DoD AI Strategy: Recent AI Adoption in the U.S. Government

Historical perspective, recommended actions of influencer organizations and PTC perspective on the U.S. government’s adoption of AI.

Recent AI Adoption in the U.S. Government

The pace of U.S. government adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been accelerating recently. But is it fast enough? Attached is a mostly DoD-focused summary of the U.S. government’s AI adoption, along with the recommendations of influencing organizations, as well as key people and funding levels. Also included is a PTC perspective on the myriad ways in which AI is invigorating the industrial software sector.


YoY funding for AI in the Pentagon has more than doubled to $4 billion in FY2020. With over 66% of U.S. federal agencies planning to invest in AI technology in the next year, organizations need to know the facts: what’s been done, what’s on the horizon, and what they should be doing to get—and stay—ahead. Is this breakneck speed of AI adoption fast enough? Read the whitepaper to learn about:

History of AI in the U.S.

Historical Context of AI in the U.S. Government

Explore the three waves of AI in the U.S. government, the DoD AI strategy, DARPA’s latest moves, JAIC, and more.

Build AI Strategy

Recommendations for
AI Adoption

Read the five recommendations NSCAI feels are necessary for successful AI adoption in national defense, including investment in R&D, training and recruiting AI talent, and marshalling global AI cooperation.

PTC AI Perspective

PTC’s Perspective on AI Adoption in the U.S. Government

AI will eventually touch every part of the digital thread. Explore AI use cases in industrial technology concepts PTC leads, including product design, IIoT, augmented reality, computer vision, PLM, and more.

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