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What is a PTC University Certification?

A PTC University certification is our professional assurance that you have proven your expertise and are at the height of competitiveness in your industry. It is our official validation that you are not only proficient in a product, but you are part of an elite community of users.

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    What are the different Certification levels?

    Currently, there are two levels of PTC University Certification: The Fundamental and the Professional. The Fundamental Certification covers all courseware content in each product’s Fundamental Learning plan whereas the Professional Certification covers the entire product library.

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    How do I earn one?

    In order to earn a certification, you need to pass a comprehensive exam covering the required content. Each exam is approximately 90 minutes in length, and you should plan to complete it in one sitting.

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    What are the benefits?

    You’ll get better and faster at your job, your resume will shine in a crowded field, and you’ll gain respect and clout in the industry. Anyone can claim that they are proficient in a product, but our certification is the fastest way companies can validate your product expertise.

Certification Options

    ThingWorx Kepware Certifications

  • ThingWorx Kepware Fundamentals
    • ThingWorx Kepware Fundamentals Certification
    • Individuals who earn the ThingWorx Kepware Fundamental Certification have validated foundation-level knowledge taught in PTC University's LEARN Online Fundamentals curriculum. Certification exam assess knowledge on the following topics: OPC Connectiity, Connecting with Devices, Server Application, Advanced Tags, and IIoT Connectivity.
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Earning your PTC University Certification is the best way to prove your product expertise. You'll join an elite community of experts while gaining clout and respect in the industry.”

Terry Vyas, PTC University Vice President

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